Golden Spinning Top

Audience awards


Awarded by the audience, The Golden Spinning Top is a brass statuette, which is a prize for the best performance at Woodstock Festival Poland. The history of the prize dates back to the first edition of the festival in 1995. Since 1996, it has been a tradition that the winners collect their prizes on the Woodstock Stage, which means that they return to the festival a year after their prize-winning performance. Every lucky winner gets the chance to play at the biggest festival stage in Poland once again.

All the bands who performed at the Main Stage and the Second Stage are automatically participants in the Golden Spinning Top Vote. The 22nd edition will see, for the second time, a total of four Golden Spinning Top laureates. We will award two bands from the Main Stage – a Polish one and an international one and  two bands from the Second Stage, also one from Poland and one from abroad. All four laureates will be selected in separates online votes.




The vote will be organized in the following way:

Voting is possible thorough a special Facebook app, so you have to be a registered Facebook user to vote. The competition is divided into three stages which finish:

  1. End of February
  2. End of May
  3. Second part of June

After each stage, the competing bands with the smallest number of votes are excluded. The rest go on to the next stage retaining the collected votes. This continues until the last stage when only three participants are left. 

You can only vote once in a given stage.

You will be able to vote again in the next stage, no matter if the previous band of your choice is still in the game or if it has been eliminated. This means that you may vote several times for the same band or decide to support a different one in every stage.

The winner, selected on the basis of your votes, will receive an invitation to play at Woodstock Festival Poland next year.

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