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Woodstock Festival Poland Tunes


Jurek Owsiak on Antyradio

Jurek boasts a huge collection of live recordings, which he shares with his radio audience. The weekly 2-hour show is packed to the brim with unique recordings of Woodstock performances - some of them are surprising interpretations, some are improvised, but are infused with the unforgettable festival atmosphere. 

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Kino Polska Muzyka 

Have you missed a show? Are you feeling nostalgic for vintage Woodstock Festival Poland concerts? "Kino Polska Muzyka" has got you covered - tune in to watch concert recordings on their channel. In September we all travel back in time to watch a piece of good old Polish pop-rock. 


8.10, g. 11:00 - Arka Noego 2011 

9.10, g. 19:00 - Arka Noego 2011


Broadcasts on Kręcioła.TV


27.09.2016, @ 16:00 - AFA meeting with Tomek Michniewicz - facebook event 

29.09.2016, @ 18:00 - Rocky Dawuni - facebook event 

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