Make Your Dreams Come True!


To play on one of the Woodstock stages – what artist does not dream about it? Making it come true is not that difficult at all, as it happens! 

Woodstock Festival Poland, which is one of the biggest rock festivals in the world, gives promising artists an opportunity to compete for a chance to perform on one of its stages, alongside the festival’s biggest names. The festival’s unforgettable atmosphere of friendship and love and the thousands of fans in the audience draw performers like a magnet.

The promoter of the festival is waiting for your submissions. The Preliminaries are open to all artists, providing they have at least 40-minutes worth of original concert material. For a foreign band it is enough to send a demo CD containing at least 3 original recordings to the address:


Fundacja WOŚP

ul. Dominikańska 19 C

02-738 Warszawa

add: "Eliminacje do Przystanku Woodstock 2018"




 Photo credit: D. Mękal

The Preliminaries are organized by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. 



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