The Golden Spinning Top Winners are...

2016-07-03 19:10:47

The final listing of The Golden Spinning was announced during the exciting final concert of Woodstock Festival Poland Preliminaries. The bands, who won the concert competition, learned that they will be able to make their debut in front of the massive Woodstock audience, and  we learned which Polish and foreign bands, which performed at Woodstock in 2015, took first places at The Golden Spinning Top poll. 

There are four winners - for each of the festival stages, assigned to Polish and foreign performers. The victorious bands will get a long-standing invitation to play at Woodstock. If they accept - and if their touring schedules allow them to come to Poland - we will see them take Woodstock by storm again! 

Congrats all! Jurek Owsiak; photo G. Adamek

Without further ado - the winners of The Golden Spinning Top competition are below, and not surprisingly the bands fought for victory till the very last minute! Decapitated triumphed over Pull the Wire in Polish Main Stage poll, while Modestep took over Flogging Molly in the Main Stage ranking among foreign bands. In the poll for the Second Stage Grubson took first place in the Polish ranking and Finnegan's Hell bested o. Torvald. 




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