Golden Spinning Top 2018 - listing 1

2017-12-06 10:12:12

The first votes are in, and so far we have a very clear leader of the ranking. All this can change, of course, because there are still 3 stages of the competition to go before we reveal which bands will receive the award - and with the award comes an invitation to play at the Main Stage at Most Beautiful Festival in the World. There are 4 categories - awards will go to the best bands from Main and Second Stages, both from Poland and from abroad. 

The first stage of the competition will end in the beginning of May 2018, the second stage will last until the end of May, and the final stage will end in the second part of June. The winners will be revealed at Woodstock Festival Poland. 

You can vote once at each stage of the competition, choosing your favourite in 4 different categories. Having voted in a given stage, you can vote again in the following poll. Each time, the bands which did the worst at a given stage of the competition are removed from the running for the award, so that only 3 competitors will battle it out in the final stage. 

You can vote online, using a designated app designed by Fanpoint. Just log into your Facebook account and open the Golden Spinning Top tab in our profile! 

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Without further ado: the first listing of the Golden Spinning Top 2017! Who will we get to see at Woodstock next year - again? 


Listing 1, Monday, 20.11.2017 


Main Stage -Polish bands

Current position Band Votes
1. Nocny Kochanek 2358
2. Łąki Łan 509
3.   Domowe Melodie 318
4. Wilki 186
5. Michał Urbaniak & Urbanator 18


Main Stage - international bands

Current position Band Votes
1. Amon Amarth 404
2. Nothing But Thieves 306
3. The Qemists 175
4. Trivium 174
5. House of Pain 149
6. The Bloody Beetroots 131
7. The Dead Daisies 102
8. Dub Inc. 96
9. Archive 82
10. Slaves 63
11. Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls 45
12. The Kyle Gass Band 38
13. Orange Goblin 19
14. New Model Army 16
15. Projekt Parabelum 6


Second Stage - Polish bands

Current position Band Votes 
1. Tabu 945
2. Mesajah 566
3. Dr Misio 309
4. Oddział Zamknięty 292
5. Chorzy 283
6. The Sixpounder 250
7. LemON 175
8. Clock Machine 102
9. Zdrowa Woda 29
10. Kolory 15
11. Eleanor Grey 8
12. Piotr Bukartyk 8
13. Yankee 5
14. Hengelo 3
15. RSC 2
16. Roan & Da Shu 1


Second Stage - international bands 

Pozycja aktualna Nazwa zespołu Ilość głosów 
1. Counterfeit 543
2. Prong 197
3. Annisokay 151
4. Fish Face 71
5. Cox & Vox 36
6. Fangclub 30
7. Speaker First 4


Zakończenie 23. Przystanku Woodstock

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