The Golden Spinning Top - listing 23

2017-04-03 15:15:51

If you haven't cast your vote you should make up your mind and do it now! Supporting your favourite artist is as easy as logging into your Facebook account. The winners will be invited to play at Woodstock Festival Poland, so you are in for a treat as well! 



You can vote via a Facebook app, which is powered by Fanpoint. It's as easy as logging into your account and selecting your favourite! Anyone can cast only one vote in one round of votes, so you should make your decision carefully. You can vote again after the end of each round. 



Listing 23 - Monday, 03.04.2017 


Main Stage - Polish bands

 Place Band Votes
1 Hey 4157
2 Luxtorpeda  3046
3 Cochise 291
4 Marcelina 266
5 Omni Modo 181
6 Aarch A 76


Main Stage - international bands

 Place Band Votes
1 Bring Me The Horizon 2179
2 The Rumjacks  1814
3 Apocalyptica 799
4 Vintage Trouble 464
5 Dragonforce 384
6 Inner Circle 382


Second Stage - Polish bands 

 Place Band Votes Poprzednio
1 Romantycy Lekkich Obyczajów 4730 2
2 Materia 4645 1
3 Corruption 1097 3
4 Oberschlesien 982 4
5 CETI 690 5
6 Łona, Webber & The Pimps 683 6


Second Stage - international bands 

 Place Band Votes
1 Nine Treasures  1363
2 Che Sudaka 795
3 Denoi 595
4 Rocky Dawuni 362
5 Mike Love 302
6 Daybreak Embrace 177


1. First round ends at the break of February and March
2. Second round ends  at the end of May
3. The final round will take place in June


After each round the bands with the least amount of votes will drop out from the competition, so you should hurry to cast your vote and show your support to your favourite band. 
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