Tag your valuables on!

2017-07-12 15:13:21

You can make an online list of all your valuables you plan to bring to Woodstock Festival Poland at (website is in Polish). You can describe your property by adding brand, colour, or make of it and it would make it easier for you to look for it or to prove that you are its owner when the item will be found. The site also caters towards people who happen to find lost items - they can enter the description into the database and see if the item can be reunited with its owner. 

On that note, please take the time to think what necessities you need to take with you to the festival and make sure to limit the number of valuable things you intend to bring to Woodstock Festival Poland. 

It's easy, free, and fast way of keeping track of your property or to make sure it returns to its rightful owner in record time! 


Fot. Dawid Ilnicki

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