Fond memories

2017-08-22 11:47:04

Woodstock Festival Poland has this amazing power to boost your mood and energy levels for the year to come. Even though we bid farewell to the festival field, we still can cherish the memories we have made together, cultivate friendships we have made during the days we have spent here and strive to keep that feeling - the sensation of being free - alive throughout the year, until we meet again in front of the Main Stage! 


fot. Agnieszka Janowska


What do you remember best? What was your best moment at the festival? 

Maybe you enjoyed the atmosphere of learning, reflection and careful consideration of important topics ranging from helping people with disabilities to environmental and socio-economic issues. We invited esteemed panelists - all experts in their fields - and they shared their experiences and stories with the audience at the Big AFA tent. You asked them questions, shared your stories in turn. Young people are often criticized for being ignorant, obnoxious even. You have proven the critics very, very wrong by actively participating in panels, discussions, learning about the third sector initiatives, and taking part in workshops.  We are very proud that we can foster an open and honest dialogue at the Academy of the Finest of Arts. 

Woodstock Festival Poland is much more than a music festival - it is a place where you can take part in enriching lectures, learn new skills and meet activists who will educate you about the vital work they do. 


fot.Edyta Kurycka


Perhaps you have set your camp in front of one of the stages and never missed one concert? With four vibrant stages coming to live with beautiful, energetic - and sometimes completely crazy - gigs. Where else could you go from gentle, swaying tunes from DUB INC to power-metal and Viking-inspired metal from Amon Amarth? Where else home-grown artists get to share the stage with guests from China and Indonesia? This year's line-up was as diverse as they come: there was transcendental, music experience served by Archive and powerful spectacle from The Bloody Beetroots Live. We keep hearing artists singing praises to the audience - never have they ever performed in front of such an appreciative and beautiful crowd! 


Hey na 23. Przystanek Woodstock fot.Szymon Aksienionek


It was a joy and honor to share these experiences with all of you. The feeling of community at Woodstock Festival Poland is like no other. It is often said that it is enough to go to Woodstock once to become a member of a sprawling family, which reunites at the festival field once a year, and this statement rings very true to us! 


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