Play at Woodstock Festival Poland 2017!

2016-07-21 14:13:39



Playing on one of the biggest open-air festivals in the world can not only launch a successful career but is simply a dream come true for any aspiring musician. Woodstock Festival Poland gives young artist an opportunity to perfrom on one of the four stages - this year we invited six bands which impressed us at the Preliminaries to perform on the Main Stage. It means that the relatively young bands shared the bill with the likes of Apocalyptica and Living Colour.


If you are dreaming about performing at Woodstock Festival Poland, don't hesitate to send us your demo CD (containing at least 3 songs) to the following address: 


Fundacja WOŚP

ul. Dominikańska 19 C

02-738 Warszawa

add:  "Eliminacje do Przystanku Woodstock 2017"







 Deadline for submissions falls on January 31, 2017. Our esteemed Jury will choose the bands they would like to see perform at live shows at the best venues accross the country - we take Woodstock Festival on tour around Poland. The best of the best will be invited to play at the festival, which will take place in the first days of August 2017. Get your creative juices flowing, record your efforts, and run to the post office! We are looking forward to the crazy music sessions! 





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