Woodstock Poland leads in international rankings

2017-12-18 15:42:00

Woodstock Festival Poland is among the most popular music festivals in the world, placing third in the overall ranking of festivals held in Europe and placed first as the most popular festival taking place in central Europe

The ranking, run by Music Festival Wizard is divided into three main categories: 

  • European festivals 
  • British festivals
  • American festivals. 

The list of 150 most popular festivals in the world has been compiled a team of music enthusiasts, based on the traffic on the Music Festival Wizard website. With over 2 000 000 visitors hitting the website in the period between January 2017 and November 2017, the authors of the list were able to select some of the most popular entries, which attracted the most attention. Glastonbury ranked as the most popular music festival in Great Britain, Lollapalooza Berlin was the most popular event organized in Europe, while in the US the most popular was Summerfest 2017. One more Polish festival placed high in the European ranking - Open'er Festival, while central European ranking was dominated by Polish music events, because apart from Woodstock Festival Poland and Open'er Festival the top slots were taken by Off Festival and Kraków Festival. 

Music Festival Wizard is an international service, run by and for festival enthusiasts. It aims to collect information on different music events taking place globally and offer a comprehensive guide on the line-up, location, prices and dates of music festivals. The service has been launched in 2009 and it has published over 750 festival guides. 


Main Stage at Woodstock Poland

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