Coma Released on Vinyl

2016-07-03 19:10:47

Coma’s sound and their constant creative reaching for new heights is a perfect example of how much influence a beautiful brass The Golden Spinning Top trophy can have! Coma received the award in 2007 and rather than resting on laurels, Coma continued to grow, change, improve and  explore new creative avenues. Thousands of people cast their vote in favour of what proved to be one of the most mesmerizing shows we have seen on Woodstock stage. Coma has come a long way – and what a creative journey that was! Today, the band’s frontman, Piotr Rogucki knows even better how to own the stage, how to move, and how to interact with the audience and make the entire festival crowd move and breathe in sync. Their performance at Woodstock was a spectacular show and the audience was spell-bound by the band. Piotr gave his absolute best: he was brave enough to improvise in front of the thousands of people and he managed to transcend the invisible barrier between the artist and his audience – it seemed that he was able to become both the frontman of the band and a member of the audience, connecting with the crowd on some unfathomable level. Their performance became an epitome of rock mastery. Coma sounds modern, using the stage equipment to its fullest potential in order to shower the audience with a brilliantly produced set of sounds.

Do I need to say more? I know for a fact that our entire team keeps praising the band as the best, most accomplished addition to a festival line-up at each meeting with festival producers and promoters.

I give you one of the best shows we were lucky enough to record. Prepare to be overwhelmed and dive in the mesmerizing world of sound.


Albums contain: 


1. Leszek Żukowski
2. Trujące Rośliny
3. Woda Leży pod powierzchnią
4. Zamęt

5. Pierwsze wyjście z mroku
6. Transfuzja
7. Spadam
8. Angela


9. System
10.  Deszczowa Piosenka
11.  Skaczemy
12.  Jutro
13.  Gaduła Jurka
14.  100 tys. jednakowych miast
15.  Los Cebula i Krokodyle Łzy
16.  Gaduła Jurka

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