Safe travels!

2017-08-22 14:27:16

Travel home safely and tell your friends about your time at what we like to call the Most Beautiful Festival in the World! 

If you are driving home, and are the designated driver, you should check your blood alcohol level. You can do it for free at the festival field. Keep your eyes peeled for green tents and white "Promiler" banners. Professional breathalyzer tests will tell you if you are fit to drive. 

Locations, where you can get breathalyzer tests, are marked on our festival maps


fot. Krupek


We have a couple of words of advice for those of you traveling home by train. First of all, follow all instructions of our Peace Patrol festival stewards, who are directing the flow of passengers on the train station in Kostrzyn nad Odrą. You should have your ticket ready for inspection before boarding the train. Please try not to arrive too early, because the little plaza in front of the station gets really crowded really quickly. Please also try to look out for others and don't hurry. Our train station teams have a lot of experience when it comes to helping you board the trains, so there is no need to rush! Be a considerate passenger and please leave the train in a state you would like to find it in! 



Let us know about your festival experience! We love scrolling through your photos and posts on social media platforms because they allow us to see the festival from your individual perspective. Use #woodstock2017 tag, so that we can stumble upon your snaps and posts! Tell your friends about your adventures and carry our message of peace, love, music, and freedom into the world. 


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