Stand-up Time at AFA

2016-07-03 19:10:47

There is music, there is theatre, there are hundreds of different workshops and fascinating meetings with inspirational figures – artists, activists, and adventurers will share their stories with guests of the festival. There is no way we could have skipped stand-up comedy, which usually attracts a full house. This year we will host Stand-up Time show at the AFA Night Stage. Come to the Big AFA Tent on Wednesday, July the 13th, at 8:30 pm for a massive dose of humour, courtesy of a choice team of comedians: Wiolka Walaszczyk, Łukasz Lotek Lodkowski, Rafał Pacześ, Jacek Stramik Karol Modzelewski, Jacek Noch, and Mariusz Kałamaga.

Wiolka is in the forefront of Polish stand-up scene. With scathing wit and charisma she reflects on the perspective of a woman in modern Polish society.

Karol invites the audience to share his abstract sense of humour, avoiding the base topics of so-called bodily humour and showcases abstract comparisons and creative similes in his performances.

Jacek fears no taboos. He makes jokes about the most surprising and unexpected topics, and he does not shy from laughing at his own expense.

Rafał is a master of connecting with the audience. His performances focus on every-day reality of life in Poland and relationship dramas and humour that is to be found in conflicts between partners.


The performers all represent different approaches to comedy and showcase a variety of comedic styles, but what brings them together is the fact that they are able to turn each frown upside down.

Wiolka; press materials
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