Golden Spinning Top - let the voting commence!

2017-11-15 15:30:44

The Golden Spinning Top is a beautiful brass statuette awarded by the audience of the festival. You get to decide which performance made a lasting impression on you and cast your vote in one of the four categories. The categories are

  • Best international act: Main Stage 
  • Best Polish act: Main Stage 
  • Best international act: Second Stage 
  • Best Polish act: Second Stage. 

You can vote via the Facebook platform - using an app powered by Fanpoint. Voting platform is available on desktop computers. 




The poll will have 3 stages and will be open until the end of June. You can vote only once in each stage of the competition - it means that you can cast up to 4 votes - one for each category of the Golden Spinning Top awards. The winners will be invited to perform at Woodstock Festival Poland - this time taking the Main Stage of the festival. 



The Golden Spinning Top timeline

1. The first stage of the competition will end in the beginning of March; 

2. The second stage of the competition will end at the end of May; 

3. The final stage of the competition will end in the second part of June. 


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