Advice from Jurek - Toi Camp & Different Areas & Villages at Woodstock

2016-08-30 13:35:25


If you are after a bit of luxury on the festival campsite - then Toi Camp might be just the place for you. The commercial Toi Camp is located on the festival field and provides its own catering area, lockers, and playground area. It might be a perfect place for those of you, who are coming to the festival with children. The campsite has its own security as well. 

If you are coming to the Woodstock by bike, we reccommend booking a place at the Boangers Bike Village to stay at the festival surrounded by the roaring road beasts and their fans. 

Lidl, a massive and fully-stocked festival supermarket, is a fixture on the field. Apart from selling all the yummy fruit and veggies (and traditional watermelons, which are a hit with the audience. Lidl invites everyone to chill in their tropical-themed chill-out area with coffee, soft drinks and beach football. 


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