Piotr Rogucki at the Night AFA Stage

2016-07-21 13:43:56

Piotr Rogucki has never shied from artistic experimentation and is a creative risk-taker. His band's concert at Woodstock Festival Poland 2014 was a testament of his artistic sensitivity and ability to make bold creative decisions. This year, Piotr Rogucki makes his return to the festival with a solo project. 'J.P. Śliwa' plays into the convention of the exhibitionist tendency to share all elements of our private lives. The multilayered album comprises different art forms - there is music, photography, theatre - the album is accompanied by a theatrical play meant to expand and explain the musical material of the release. Rogucki presents himself as a coherent performance artist - commenting on the reality surrounding him via different creative forms. 

Rogucki's show was an invitation to a journey outside the vain and shallow world into the realm of art and thought. The artist invited the audience on a journey of musical and creative discovery. Rogucki's solo project is full of warmth - rough guitar strings, raw acoustic sounds peppered with electronic beats are perfectly matched by poetic, reflexive lyrics. The audience gathered at the Big AFA Tent that night saw Roguscki as a poet, an actor, and a musician. His concert was an unforgettable artistic experience. 





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