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2016-07-11 21:46:51

Hello on this wonderful Monday!

Although some of 22nd Woodstock Festival events start on Wednesday and the Festival is officially innaugurated on Thursday at 3 p.m., lots of Woodstockians have already arrived in the Woodstock area. Many of you will be soon on their way to the Most Beautiful Festival in the World.
That's why we'd like to again present some useful advice and suggest what you should take with you so that you could avoid unexpected situations.


If you're about to pack your stuff for the Festival, below there is a list of necessary items. However, if you're ready to go, you can use the list to make sure that you've got everything you need.

Woodstock Rules and Regulations indicate some stuff that is forbidden. We know that these items would make your stay at the Woodstock Festival easier, however it was not our decision to ban them. They may be dangerous for both you and other Woodstock attendees. Our aim is to make the Festival safe for all Woodstockians.

If you forget anything or if you don't want to carry food for the whole Festival, you can do some shopping in Lidl.

As we had to fence the whole Woodstock area, we organized 14 gates so that Woodstockians could enter the Festival site. If you possess any forbidden stuff, you may be stopped at a gate.
We'd like to ask you NOT TO DECONSTRUCT THE FENCES! We had to put them because of particular safety requirements imposed on us and they can only be removed after the 22nd Woodstock Festival Poland is over.  Help us make the Festival a safe and troublefree event.

If you're going to take some furniture with you to create your very own relax zone, please DO NOT LEAVE IT AFTER THE FESTIVAL! We'll be also grateful if you pick up litter around your place. It will make it easier for us to clean the Festival area. We want to leave it tidy.

No idea how to get to the Woodstock Festival Poland? On this website you'll find Travellers Bank, BlaBlaCar journey offers and Woodstock trains timetable. The website will also provide you with a handful of important information for those who want to come by car. This year it is forbidden to drive within the Festival area.

Download our mobile app; it is a great tool for learnin about events schedule, facilities available at the 22nd Woodstock Festival. You can also tag location of your tent on a map and get the latest organizational news and changes.

And - what's most important - don't ignore Peace Patrol and Blue Patrol members' requests. They're here to help you and to ensure your safety.

Follow our social media profiles where you'll find latest news from the Festival area.
Take care! We're waiting for you! See you in Kostrzyn.

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