Woodstock Poland music videos

2017-09-06 11:11:46

We decided to point out a couple of new videos released in the wake of the artist's performance at the beautiful stages of Woodstock Festival Poland. Are you ready to travel back in time and relive these beautiful moments with Urbanator, LemON, Pawbeats Orchestra, and Kabanos? 


Fot. Mateusz Pulit


Urbanator is an international music collective fronted by the illustrious Michał Urbaniak. The artists need no introduction - they are all extremely talented and they share the unique love for music in all its forms and genres. Their newest video has been filmed at Woodstock Poland. Enjoy! 



LemON is a phenomenon - a singer-songwriter and a gifted musician who introduced the audience to lyrics written in Lemko's language. The band skillfully blends folk influences with rock and pop tunes. Their night-time show at Woodstock Poland has served as the backdrop to their new video. Prepare to be spellbound! 



Musicians from Pawbeats Orchestra wanted to document their entire experience at Woodstock Festival Poland and shot this charming video diary. The artists successfully nailed combining music assigned to different genres such as classical, hip-hop, and jazz and gave one of the most electrifying shows of the festival this year. 



Zenek from Kabanos is a real Woodstock denizen. Here, he takes the audience along with him to experience the festival from his crazy, rock'n'roll perspective. There will be mud baths, fun, laughter, and crazy antics!


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