Nine Treasures - Mongolian punkrockers.

2017-08-10 11:51:29

Nine Treasures were a revelation of the 22nd Woodstock Poland Second Stage. So we were not surprised to see them win a public's hearts closely followed by a popular vote for the Golden Spinning Top Award. 


fot. Stanisław Wadas


The concert began with heavy punk riffs going smoothly into calmer, softer territory. The musicians skillfully combined punk rock with traditional Mongolian sound. And the instruments used reflected that as well: apart from guitars and drums, we saw traditional Mongolian morin khuur. 

The Mongolian tradition was also reflected in the stage look as the band was performing in traditional black kimonos.


fot. Dawid Ilnicki


The public loved them and gave them all they could - their total commitment, The Golden Spinning Top and the "Sto lat" they won't forget for a while!   


fot. Damian Mekal


fot. Damian Mekal


fot. Stanisław Wadas

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