Music Under Pressure: First Releases

2016-10-26 13:28:39

Our first release was three albums boxset accompanied by three audio tapes. Vinyls were gradually dying out and people went crazy for portable cassettee players. Things are completely different today, because it's the time of vinyl revival and cassettes are just some sort of curio from an age long-gone. Makes you wonder, if we will return to the golden age of the audio cassette? 

In 1996 we took Woodstock Festival Poland to Szczecin Dąbie and the festival took place on an airfield. The area was not prepared to welcome such an undertaking: the tall grass obstructed movement and made setting up infrastructure a real pain. We lived in a horrid bunkhouse, which smelt distincly of piss. But the amazing festival made up for all any inconveniences. As always, I wanted to capture the sounds that came from the stage and preserve them for ever, so we decided to record concerts. The quality leaves a lot to be desired and I am sometimes pleasantly surprised that it stood the test of time so well regardless of the methods we used on site. When it came to mixing and, eventually, releasing this motley crew of tunes we had to go convince someone to do it for us. The lovely folks from Polskie Nagrania were able to help us with it, and they put together three festival CDs. 

We went a bit crazy with the album cover design. We decided to put each CD into a thin sleeve and package them into a real jean pocket. I still love this design - simple and ingenious and, what is the most important part, it perfectly captures the style and spirit of Woodstock Festival Poland. 

All Woodstock Festival Poland releases are available online in SiemaShop.



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