Mesajah at Woodstock Festival Poland

2017-04-24 15:31:58

Mesajah is a man of many talents: he is a vocalist, lyricist, producer, and a composer. He released his debut album, “Ludzie Prości” in 2008 and embarked on his musical journey. The album came as a surprise of sorts, with its vibrant and very original take on reggae, dancehall, dub, and hip-hop. The album turned out to be a hit – it garnered a lot of attention from reggae fans and critics. It even spiked a lot of media interest, and the first single, promoting the release “Każdego dnia” is still a well-known and loved number.



The second solo release followed in 2012. Titled “Jestem Stąd” (I’m from here) the album touches upon the important social topic of discrimination and racism. The album contained songs calling people to change their mentalities and strive to become tolerant. The message Mesajah conveyed was that people are equal regardless of their skin colour, creed, or where they come from.  The singer recorded his third album just a year later. “Brudna Prawda” with its hit singles “Ten kraj”, “Beautiful Morning”, and “Lepsza Połowa” consolidated Mesajah’s status in the industry.

“Powrtót do korzeni” is released in 2016. Mesajah’s fourth studio album was promoted by a hit single “Wolne”. This song brought about victory in Opole Festival competition. The single won by popular vote from the audience.

Mesajah is bringing a new quality to the Polish music scene. Thanks to his energy and stage charisma his live shows are absolutely great – the audience enjoys them from the first to the last chord. He has taken the stages of the biggest festivals in Poland, such as One Love Sound Fest, Ostróda Reggae Festival, and today we can officially confirm that the artist will be joining Woodstock Festival Poland line-up. The artist, who has performed alongside the likes of Gentleman, Shaggy Wun Tang Clan, and Sizzla.


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