Preliminaries Live in Prague

2017-04-06 11:25:52

The team behind Woodstock Festival is eager to introduce new, up-and-coming musicians to the massive audience of the festival. Last year, we decided to get to know the bands trying to make it big in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary, so, with a little help of our friends from MusicMapTV, we brought our Preliminaries to the Golden City - the capital of Czech Republic. Impressed by the artists we met in Prague last year, we are coming back to Prague in April!




Let's meet the bands! 

CZECH IT (Czech Republic)

PEARLY SECONDS (Czech Republic)

FISH FACE (Slovakia)


COX&VOX (Czech Republic)

HANTA (Czech Republic)

IDIO&IDIO (Czech Republic)

EDGAR (Slovakia)





Czech It 


This five-person band has been established in 2011, but they seek their inspiration in the sounds of early 21st century. Listening to them brings us back to the soft pop-rock sounds we are nostalgic about. The voice of the vocalist is paired with interesting instrumental arrangements, which builds magical atmosphere and charm of their understated live performances. 





The Slovakian band is all about heavy sounds with an alternative twist. Their music can be described as nu metal paired with throaty screaming vocal. The band is constantly looking for new sounds and musical arrangements, and their newest record is much lighter and less aggressive. Definitely a strong contender for a spot at Woodstock Festival Poland! 





This quartet is all about trashmetal. With very little information to be found about them, the musicals seem to allow the music - aggressive, heavy, yet filled with emotion speak for itself. Polish music fans might be familiar with the band, as they have performed at Wieża Rocka in Żerków. 





Pearly Seconds 

There is so much power in their music, and their debut EP, released in 2015, showcases a perfect marriage between metal and rock music. Pearly Seconds are nothing but boring, with different songs on the album presenting music from completely different genres such from power metal to soft rock ballads. 




Are you looking for some good, energetic punk rock? Your search is over, because here comes IDIO & IDIO. The lead singer's voice - deep and moody, is perfectly offset by the backing vocals. The band has a great sense of humour, and we are looking forwards to seeing what antics they will pull at the Prague concert! 





The band, hailing from Slovakia, plays melodic rock'n'roll. The catchy songs, paired with some brilliant tunes and samples bid very well for the success of this young band. Their debut record has been released last year, and out of 13 songs on it all are written in their native tongue. 



Project Parabelum

The musicians describe their music style as a blend of electronic music with some classic, swinging rock'n'roll. Are you intrigued? So we are. The band aims to blend electronic samples with some heavier beats and the result is a perfect musical background for an epic mosh pit! 




Leander Kills

A massive musical surprise here: the band blends different musical genres and styles like no other! On their album here are soft, almost ballad-like songs, which are suddenly interrupted by growling, heavy beats. There is something for fans of metal, and some songs which are flirting with gothic metal too, all sealed with a powerful vocal and guitar craftsmanship. 





Are you ready to dance to some rock'nroll? Then Cox&Vox might be something just for you. The band plays a pleasant, soft and melodic variety of rock. The vocalist's interesting voice is a great addition to the flowing rhythms. 







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