Preliminaries Live - day three

2017-04-06 11:38:21

On the third, and last day of our musical competition, we are going to be judging the performances by: 

Headliners for the day are winners of the past editions of the competition Venflon and BeMy and fan favourite Jelonek

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The concerts are completely free and everyone is welcome to come! 


De Indigo

Indie rock with an interesting lead vocal - what more do you need to make some good recordings? De Indigo seem to have a recipe for success winning over new fans at intimate club shows and playing large festival venues. It comes as no surprise because the artists give charismatic, energetic shows.

Line-up: Dawid Staniek - vocal, guitar; Paweł Marciniak - lead guitar; Piotr Maciej Papierski - drums; Adam Polkowski - bass.




Too loud and raucous to be dubbed as pop music and too melodic and catchy to be classed as underground, Cinemon's music is often called RAW POP. The artists mix and match decades of music. There is a bit of the seventies and nineties thrown into the mix, which results in something purely contemporary. 

Line-up: Michał Wójcik - guitar, vocal; Kuba Pałka - drums, vocal; Basik / Filip Jurczyszyn / Wierzba - bass. 



Ninja Syndrom 

The band began their career in the nineties and after a hiatus, they have reactivated their activities a couple of years ago. Their sound is characterised by powerful drum section and incorporates elements of djent (a variety of progressive metal) into their work. 

Line-up: Michał "Karaz" Krysiński, Radek Kielch, Paweł Rej, Karol Tomaszewski, Filip Gołda. 



The Suits

The key to the band's success lies in exploring the simplicity of music. Their trademark style consists of strong guitar riffs and complicated solos are accompanied by the interesting voice of the lead singer. The band's journey began in 2014 and so far, they have been working hard to make it in the business and gain more and more fans. 

Line-up: Kuba Lotz -vocal; Krzysiek Olejniczak - lead guitar; Piotrek Chodkowski - rhythm guitar; Wojtek Karasiński - bass; Artur Pieńkowski - drums. 



Ted Nemeth

They have been called the last hope of Polish alternative rock scene. The members of the band began their creative adventure seven years ago and they have been going strong ever since. Catchy, upbeat yet often very meaningful songs are getting a lot of attention from critics and fans alike. Their creative freedom and lyrics written exclusively in Polish create a very interesting phenomenon on music market in Poland. 

Line-up: Patryk Pietrzak - guitar, vocal, lyrics, Michał Gibki - guitar, vocal, Wojtall Wierzba - bass, korg, voice, Mateusz Dziworski - drums.




The band plays avant-garde metal, combining beautiful, soulful melodies with very strong guitar sounds. When you add the fact that the lead singer has a very interesting voice you get a winning combination. Springtime this year will see the release of their first long-play "They". 

Line-up: Maksymina "Maxi" Kuzianik - vocal; Tomek "Longo" Ciecieląg - guitar; Tomek "Kieł" Lato - guitar; Tomek "Długi" Krawczyk - drums; Konrad "Tomek" Lisicki - bass.



Hot Water

Legends of the nineties rock scene are making their comeback after a hiatus. They still enjoy the support of faithful fans, who are eager to hear what the band has in store. Their new record has been released in January 2017 and it boasts some interesting solo pieces performed on the custom made cigar box guitars. 

Line-up: Maciej Sobczak - guitar, vocal; Dariusz Nowicki - drums; Piotr Tarnawski - bass, keyboard.






The quintet from Katowice is known for their creative approach to rock music. They mix modern rock with the keyboard elements characteristic for the music produced in the early 80s and with experimental, alternative influences. Their debut came in 2016 when they recorded a video session. In autumn they have released their debut album and they have big plans for a promotional tour. 

Line-up:  Mateusz Konieczny - vocal; Robert Zając- bass;  Paweł Palej- guitar; Łukasz Kozera - keyboard; Jacek Brzezina - drums.



Seven on Seven

Despite the fact that the members of the band have been friends for years, they decided to form a band in 2012. Inspired by American music, they create catchy tunes and add some powerful guitars into the mix as well. The band has released their debut album 'Matter of time' recently and immediately began touring. 

Line-up: Gabriel Doleżyk - vocal; Michał Jędrszczyk - guitar; Jacek Wesołowski - guitar; Patryk Szarafiński - bass; Michał Nowaczyk - drums. 





Venflon - one of the winners of Woodstock Festival Poland Preliminaries 2015 

The band has been touring and recording since 2003: they have released six albums and played hundreds of great shows. They play metal music with a twist - their sounds are very melodic, influenced by grunge and stoner metal. 



BeMy - one of the winners of Woodstock Festival Poland Preliminaries 2014 

BeMy is a band formed by two brothers: Mattia and Elie Rosinki. Born and raised in France they decided to develop their musical passion and pursue musical education in London. Thanks to their perserverance and talent they have won in a few talent shows and played at Woodstock Festival Poland in 2015.  





There is really no need to introduce Jelonek to the audience in Poland. This solo project, created by violinist Michał Jelonek, is all about instrumental music with a strong emphasis on string instruments such as violins and cellos, which are often offset by powerful rock-inspired drums and guitars. Jelonek is known for his re-imagining of classical music, giving new, contemporary twist to pieces by Chopin, Paganini, Rossini or Vivaldi. 





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