Preliminaries Live - day two

2017-03-31 10:35:11

On the second day of our unique competition, we will be treated to short sets by the following bands: 

The headliners of the second day of the festival are winners of last year's edition of the musical competition: Hanza and Romantycy Lekkich Obyczajów and fan favourites - Acid Drinkers



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The concerts are completely free and everyone is welcome to come! 


Poligon nr 4

The grunge band has released their debut album in 2011. They play a variety of grunge sounds, from rebellious punk to heavier sounds. The band is working on their second album at the moment. 

Line-up: Naro – drums; Aga Bot – bass; Gutek – vocal, guitar.



Eleanor Gray

The band has begun their musical adventure in 2012 in Poznań. The band is inspired by different genres, but they never want to copy anything. Rather, they want to create something new and fresh. Their music is very sincere, and you can just tell that they are enjoying themselves immensely. 

Line-up: Alan Garstecki - vocal; Jacek Idźkowski - guitar; Marcin Łatko - bass; Jarek Majer - guitar; Daniel Maliszewski - drums.




The band hails from eastern Poland, and they sing in Polish and in Belarussian, while the music they create can be simply described as 'manly rock'n'roll', with characteristic heavy riffs. The band's first album was released in 2016. 

Line-up: Miki - guitar; Łukasz - guitar; Kamil - bass; Śpiewczy - vocal, guitar; Argon - drums.





Is the artistic pseudonym of Artur Matusewicz, who is a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. He also composes music. The talented artist is going to be presenting material from his debut album - produced in Canada by Luc Tellier collection of Cali punk songs. 




Reggae is making its return to Polish music scene! There is positive message in their lyrics and some great tunes that would make everyone want to dance and just enjoy the positive energy of the performance! 

Line-up: Piotr "Struna" Strojnowski - vocal; Michał Marecki - keyboard instruments, vocal; Grzegorz Rytka - saxophones, vovals, melodies; Paweł Mazurczak - electric double bass, vocal; Krzysztof Niedźwiecki - guitar, vocal; Piotr Hrycyk - drums; Jacek Orłow - drums; Łukasz Hodor - trombones.




The band is much more than just music. They represent a certain philosophical approach to life and the world surrounding us. This band is simply a group of friends, meeting to enjoy and experiment with the sounds - they are not about making money or getting famous. They create some great tunes and work for public good as well. 

Line-up: Waldemar Kasta - vocal, lyrics;, Tomasz Pomian - guitar, vocals; Marcin Gołębniak - bass, accordion; Adam Moszyński - drums; Piotr Rachoń - keyboard instruments; Tomasz Orszulak - sitar, guitar, mandoline. 




The band is a group of friends, who, having played at different festivals and having given thousands of live shows, eventually released an LP in 2016. Still touring and exploring new genres of music and testing new ideas, ThermiT are eager to see what the future might bring! 

Line-up: Trzeszczu - vocal; Jendras & Peter Jack - guitars; Sugarocker - bass; Blaze Jazz - drums.



Need More Clouds

Young musicians (aged between 16 and 18 years) came together in 2013 and decided to create original material. They are inspired by musicians such as Kasabian, Black Keys, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. The young band are all about spontaneity and keeping their music real and honest. Despite their young age, they have played at some major festivals, such as Jarocin. 

Line-up: Mikołaj Rękas - vocal, guitar;  Kuba Golec - guitar; Hubert Kapturkiewicz - bass; Gabek Rękas - drums.




Dead serious...and deadly humorous, the band mastered the art of combining witty lyrics, great tunes, with some awesome stage antics. Make sure to enjoy responsibly! 

PS - theor third album coming soon! 

Line-up: Olek Różanek - vocal; Bartek Orłowski - guitars, vocals; Maciek Cybulski - keyboard, vocal; Jarek Izdepski - bass, shouting; Tomek Nawrocki - drums, shouting. 






Hanza - one of the winners of the Woodstock Festival Poland Preliminaries 2016 

Hailing from Warsaw, the band plays energetic rock'n'roll. After a year of whirlwind success - winning musical competitions, performing at Woodstock Festival Poland and becoming a fixture at Polish music scene, touring across the country. The band is currently working on their second album. 



Romantycy Lekkich Obyczajów - one of the winners of Woodstock Festival Poland Preliminaries 2016 

This alternative duo came together in 2011. They record their albums at home and are known for their catchy, tongue-in-cheek songs and great, energetic live performances. So far, the band has released two albums and produced 11 videos. At the moment they are on tour and are working on material for their third LP.



Acid Drinkers 

The band's beginning dates back to 1989. They have matured better than good wine, producing great metal music. They have played over 1500 live shows, recorded 18 best-selling albums, and winning countless awards for their work. They are currently touring to promote their latest release "PEEP Show".  




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