Domowe Melodie concert DVD

2017-11-15 16:26:24


Domowe Melodie is a trio of talented performers, who are remarkable for many reasons. Their trademark catchy, yet sophisticated tunes are paired with witty, but very poignant lyrics and they do not shy away from making important social comments. Domowe Melodie are true to their indie roots, which go back to a surprising start of their career which began as a Youtube sensation.

Pajama-clad musicians deliver electrifying performances and the audience at Woodstock Festival Poland experienced their very own brand of quirky in 2015. What followed was an intense rivalry with Grubson for the Golden Spinning Top award. Domowe Melodie did not return to the Main Stage of the festival in 2016, but they played a spell-binding set in 2017. We are delighted that the band has agreed to release a DVD from this concert - up till know they have self-released all their music, keeping a close eye on the design and marketing of the material. 



DVD release will be available online, at our SiemaShop, and at good music stores from November 30th. Intricately designed and crafted the release will transport you to that Agust night when Domowe Melodie put a spell on thousands of people gathered in front of the Main Stage. 


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