A Handful of Useful Infromation from Jurek

2016-07-11 10:33:18

There are some guys who have been camping on the festival field for a couple of months now - can you believe it? We have a couple of tips straight from the festival promoter, who shares the latest updates about the weather and what to pack for the festival.

The weather in Poland can be changeable, but it seems that in Kostrzyn we are in for a lovely, yet humid weather this week. As far as waterproofs and shoe changes are concerned it is usually best to pack one extra than to walk around in the soaking wet clothes!

Remember to pack some strong insect repellents - be mindful of ticks lurking in the grass and bushes. Check your skin for any irritation, and if you notice the insect, get yourself to our field hospital to avoid further complictions. If you are camping with children make sure that they are protected from the sun and are wearing comfortable, weather appropriate outdoor shoes!





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