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2017-11-22 15:33:33


We are happy to be able to share our festival with the world and being nominated for the European Festival Awards 2017 is a great opportunity to tell the world about our unique festival. This year we have met for 23rd time! We experienced music together and we created memories together. We decided to select 5 stand-out performances to inspire you to cast that very important vote! 


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fot. D. Ilnicki



Let's begin with the mesmerizingly quirky performance by Domowe Melodie. Have you ever seen anything like that? The cooky performers have put a spell on the massive audience, and a couple of thousands of people danced, smiled, and sang along to their catchy tunes. 



Rap giants from House of Pain revolutionized the scene way back - 25 years ago! They have reprised their massive hits at Woodstock Festival Poland, where they celebrated their quarter-of-a-century anniversary. We challenge you not to dance to this hip-hop anthem! 



There are very few bands with so much energy and so much love and respect for the institution of the festival as The Qemists. The band from Brighton gave a powerful gig and this recording of No More will power you up like a shot of pure caffeine! 




Our sentimental journey cannot and will not be complete without the stunning performance from HEY. We are bringing it all the way back to their gig in 2016, which won them the hearts of the audience and guaranteed them victory in our Golden Spinning Top poll. 



The Second Stage featured a plenty of amazing performances both from Polish and international musicians. One of the bands which drew the crowds crazy were punk-rockers from Counterfeit. Do you remember their Hold Fire performance? 



We kept the best for last - you are simply the best! You are the most beautiful audience and it is a beautiful experience to see you enjoy yourselves! 





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