Greenpeace Eco Village at AFA

2017-07-13 14:59:37

The main theme of this year's edition of Greenpeace Eco Village will be 'wild at heart'. It stands for wilderness, freedom, bravery, and untamed nature. This year the activists will focus on how important it is to protect this natural wilderness so that it could remain unchanged and free. 

The guests of the village will have a chance to meet and talk to activists, scientist, environmentalists and brave people who have sacrificed their time to protect the last remaining primordial forest in Europe - our own Puszcza Białowieska. Learn why it is important to make sure that this beating, green heart of Europe is protected against violent felling of ancient trees. Another aspect that will be the focus of attention of Greenpeace volunteers, is that of protection of bees. Due to pollution and common use of dangerous pesticides the population of wild bees are endangered and soon enough if we don't take up action they might be gone forever. 

Greenpeace activists invite you to take part in: 

  • Conversations on Green Couch - talk with experts about the bees and the trees 
  • Creative workshops 
  • Fancy dress preparty - a party warm-up before the festival kick-off 
  • Meet the volunteers - to learn all about the mission and activities taken up by Greenpeace volunteers 
  • Solar-powered phone charger




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