Domowe Melodie to play Woodstock Festival Poland

2017-03-06 10:36:30


Polish musical merry- go- round will never be the same after Domowe Melodie (Homely Melodies) have put their own creative spin on it. The trio fearlessly follows their own unique creative paths and in a bid to remain truly independent refuse to work with a label, releasing their albums themselves. They have gained thousands of faithful fans who flock to their concerts. Justyna “Jucho” Chowaniak writes music and lyrics. Along with Staszek Czyżewski and Kuba Dykiert they became the protagonists of their own magical tale of wonderment and music. Social media has catapulted the band’s off-kilter music into the spotlight, and they have been making their mark on the Polish musical scene ever since.

Their story began in 2012 when a fragment of rehearsal of song “Zbyszek” has been leaked online and instantly went viral. A self-made and self-released album followed its suit, then the band performed their first, enthusiastically received shows. Their singles quickly reached tops of charts, and Domowe Melodie’s effortless charm has convinced Kasia Nosowska to invite the artists to perform during the all-star tour “Męskie Granie”. A year later, the trio took their own brand of musical magic to Iceland, where they played 5 unique shows in 5 different locations on the island. They have also been invited to take part in an interesting musical project in Portugal. Domowe Melodie has graced Open’er stages three times in consecutive years, and according to the audience each and, every show was a fantastic experience.







Autumn of 2017 saw the release of their second album, playfully titled “3”. The self-released double album contains 22 new songs and the promotional tour began in 2015. The band played at some of the major summer festivals in the country, taking the stages at SLOT Art, GoodFest, and Woodstock Festival Poland.

Due to their overwhelming success with the domestic audience, the band has been approached by major labels and management companies, but Domowe Melodie remain a truly independent group, and their albums are all hand-made and available only through their official website. The trio combines imaginative and often tongue in cheek lyrics with effortless musical charisma and unbridled, childlike imagination and creativity. Band members claim humbly that they just draw enjoyment from playing music they would like to listen to.



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Domowe Melodie to play Woodstock Festival Poland

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