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2016-07-11 19:27:24

Woodstock Festival Poland is the capital of music, governed by the the ideas of freedom, peace, and friendship. There are concerts, meetings with famous and respected public figures and social activists as well as a variety of workshops and other activities. Who knows better how to organize the time of the guests of the festival than Allegro, who is going to be welcoming the revellers into their zone for the seventh time.


High Roller Zone - Allegro Ferris wheel will be overlooking the festival grounds again! Take a ride 30 metres above the ground and snap away. We guarantee that there won't be a better view of the entire field...Ferris wheel is free for everyone who has an active Allegro wristband. This year we have something ultra-special for you - a night ride on our Ferris wheel!

Spin for Stand- Pedal for bike stands for your hometown! Hop onto an exercise bike and pedal for 2 kilometres. The town, which gets most millage on its account will be furnished with bike parking stands. So far, we have gifted such bike stands to 46 towns across the country. At Woodstock alone the bikes made the distance of 42 146 kilometres. Show you have the power to make the world spin and join us. You can learn more about our social awareness action at
Is it fun you are looking for? Come over to our recording studio to record funny gifs, which will show how much fun you are having at the festival. Share them on your social media and grab yourself a pass into the High Rollers Zone!

Chill-out Zone - having fun can wear you out. Step into the relaxation zone to amp up your energy levels. You will be able to follow the festival news on huge screens and charge your phones at the bike-powered charging station. We also invite all kids to have fun at our Allegro playground.

H2O for plastic - exchange 10 empty plastic bottles for a bottle filled with refreshing water! We are going to recycle the bottles we collect at Woodstock. Last year we produced pillows and towels! So far, we have handed out 18 0896 bottles of water. You do the maths to see how much plastic we have recycled!

Allegro bus - hop onto our bus and travel to Woodstock in style. Keep your eyes peeled for an old-timer bus.





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