Go Green - Be Eco at Woodstock!

2016-07-12 14:41:04

The fields and meadows surrounding our vibrant stages will become our home for the duration of the festival - let's make sure it is tidy and clean. The creativity of some camps is astounding - have you seen the Millenium Falcon that has crash landed in front of the Main Stage? To make the beauty of our diverse campsite stand out, let's make sure it is not drowning in rubbish - please make sure you have packed enough bin bags with you & help us keep the festival field tidy and clean.

We would like to encourage you to see where the nearest rubbish container is located and to make a good use of it! We also encourage you to look into recycling options available in Allegro and Lech Zones.

Allegro Zone will be exchanging empty PET bottles for bottles filled with fresh spring water! Collect 10 empties and grab your fresh drink! Keep hydrated and drink plenty of liquids- it's good for you! The collected bottles will be recycled. If you are looking for some juice for your phone, you will be able to charge it on the Eco Bench, which is solar-powered. Once your phone has been charged, you can share your selfies and festival stories with your friends via free wifi. Tag your posts with #woodstock2016, so we can spot them! If you still have some energy left take a stationary bike for a spin and try to win an original bike stand for your town!

When coming to the Lech Zone, remember to grab empty cans with you! You will be able to use them to play eco-basket-can. When you bring segregated paper, cans, or plastic glasses you will receive Lech Free or amazing Woodstock backpacks and hip-bags. The bags have been made out of recycled materials as well. Pamper mother earth and receive gifts in return!

Pay a visit Greenpeace Village, located on the slopes of the AFA hill for plenty of information about Eco lifestyle and how you can contribute to the mission of keeping the planet clean and beautiful.

Remember not to get carried away! The fences and festival infrastructure is there to serve a purpose and is not to be dismantled, recycled or used in any other way! Please do not move or dismantle the fences - there are there to keep you safe!


Go green, recycle and learn how easy it is to contribute to the mission of keep the earth green and lovely!







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