2017-11-16 10:18:35
Bands for Grand Finale
Call to all musicians and artists - you can register your band in our database to get in touch with the Collection Centres and arrange your performance at the local Grand Finale collection.
2017-11-14 11:28:01
Golden Spinning Top - let the voting commence!
The vote is now live on our Facebook platform! You can vote for your favourite performance of last year's Woodstock Festival Poland. The winners of the popular vote will be invited to reprise their show at next year's festival.
2017-11-13 12:36:16
Domowe Melodie concert DVD
Spectacular performance by the quirky fan favourites will be released on DVD and CD on November 30th and it will make a perfect Christmas gift for those with the taste for eccentricity (and great live shows!).
2017-11-09 13:05:13
5 good reasons to vote for Woodstock
We all love Woodstock Festival Poland and now you can show your support by casting your vote for the Most Beautiful Festival in the World! Don't be shy and show us your support - it is priceless.
2017-11-03 13:45:55
Vote for Woodstock!
Woodstock Festival Poland has been nominated in the prestigious Major Festival category at the European Festival Awards. We are delighted to join the ranks of the trendsetting music events and be considered for the annual award.
2017-09-22 11:48:35
Festival-goers help Nepal
Woodstock Festival Poland revellers have helped to build a new school in Bakrang-6 in Nepal! We have recently received a letter from the project coordinators, who wanted to thank you all for support and help.
2017-09-19 11:22:08
Music memories
Would you like to relive some of the stand-out moments from this year's edition of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World? Did you miss one of the performances? Then step this way for a collection of #woodstock2017 musical highlights!
2017-09-05 12:39:48
Woodstock Poland music videos
Woodstock Festival Poland is a source of inspiration for artists. Musicians often decide to register their impressions of the festival and share them with their fans in a form of music videos. Have you seen them?
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