Meet your favourite bands!

An opportunity to meet your favourites!

You can see the amazing artists featured in Woodstock Festival Poland line-up perform their hearts out on our beautiful stages, but also there is a chance for you to meet them face to face and talk with them during our exclusive meet & greet sessions.

Sounds amazing? Last year's meetings with the performers prove that you were very excited to have a chance to meet them face to face, ask them a couple of questions and take a picture together and that's why we are bringing back the meet & greets to #woodstock2017! 



There will be two types of meet & greets. Meeting with the headliners will take place in the Press Centre tent and will have limited capacity. The fans will be admitted based on vouchers. You will be able to win vouchers in radio and online competitions. Meetings which will take place in the smaller tent will be open to anyone who'd like to participate. Remember that there will be a queue system and the tent's capacity is just 50 people! So first come, first served as they say. 

Keep your eyes peeled as we will be announcing the schedule of meet & greets on our website! 



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