Food and Shopping

Food and Shopping

The area next to the main alley will become the legendary Shopping Lane. During the festival, it will be filled with stalls selling colourful T-shirts, Indian clothes, jewellery, army surplus uniforms, combat boots, and all things you never even knew you needed! 
The place of honour will be given to our one and only SiemaShop, filled with stuff connected to Woodstock Festival Poland and the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. Next to it, you will find a smaller tent where the bands will be selling their merchandise. At the Peako Bank stalls, you will be able to get special festival cards. Those who need medical attention will be able to find help in one of our Aid Stations. If your battery runs low, simply visit one of three phone charging stations. Other facilities include a stall with pay as you go SIM cards from PLAY, a stall belonging to the Polish Post and, as usual, ticket offices of Przewozy Regionalne where you will be able to buy a ticket home.


At the Festival stalls you will be able to pay with:

1. Pekao Woodstock pre-paid card – you can order it in Pekao24 service or buy during the Festival at the Bank Pekao S.A. stall. You can charge the card’s account by transferring money from any account in any bank or by cash at the Bank Pekao S.A. branches and in a post office. Additionally, paying by the card you support activities of the GOCC Foundation. For complete information about the card and fees, please visit Bank’s stand during the Festival.
2. Mobile payments application PeoPay of Bank Pekao S.A. – a convenient way to pay by phone, without the need of having cash. You can also withdraw cash from ATM as well as transfer money to a friend via phone number. Visit today - to find out more about product and fees.
3. Cash from ATMs of Bank Pekao S.A. – on the Festival field there will be 4 ATMs at your disposal.
4. PayPass cards (MasterCard, Maestro)



Apart from a big and well-equipped shop, Lidl offers a special chillout zone where you can relax and rest. 
The chillout zone offers such facilities as:
• drumming workshops,
• yoga,
• physical and dancing activities,
• breakfast making zone,
• deckchair relaxation area.
Freshly squeezed citrus juices are also on offer for the guests! 



When it comes to food, Woodstock Festival Poland offers a lot of options. Food can be bought in one of the food zones, in the Krishna Village of Peace and at the stalls in our trade passage. You can quench your thirst at the Beer Village prepared by our main Sponsor - Lech.
Shop, eat, and rock out to your heart's content! 

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