Eco Woodstock

Be Eco-Friendly and Clean up after Yourself!

We ask you to take care of the area around you. Bin your waste before leaving the festival. We are guests of meadows of the beautiful Lubuskie Province and guests of the mother earth - be a courteous guest and leave the area of your campsite clean! We aim to organize an inclusive, eco-friendly festival and we rely on our guests to show that they care for the environment. We ask you to keep the area around your tent clean and to recycle any re-usable items. Please don't leave your tents in the campsites after your festival adventure is over! 

We would also encourage you to not to travel alone, if you are coming to the festival by car - take friends with you and reduce your carbon footprint! Help us help the earth! 


Lech Zone

Eco Lech Zone will hold eco-volleball games and will be exchanging recycling for Woodstock gadgets, Lech Free beer, up-cycled banner bags and waist bags. The money raised thanks to the recycling efforts of festival goers will be used to buy breathalysers for the municipality of Kostrzyn. 


Allegro Zone

  • Spin for Stand- Pedal for bike stands for your hometown! Hop onto an exercise bike and pedal for 2 kilometres. The town, which gets most millage on its account will be furnished with bike parking stands. So far, we have gifted such bike stands to 46 towns across the country. At Woodstock alone the bikes made the distance of 42 146 kilometres. Show you have the power to make the world spin and join us. You can learn more about our social awareness action at
  • H2O for plastic - exchange 10 empty plastic bottles for a bottle filled with refreshing water! We are going to recycle the bottles we collect at Woodstock. Last year we produced pillows and towels! So far, we have handed out 18 0896 bottles of water. You do the maths to see how much plastic we have recycled! 



Come to the Greenpeace village for meditation sessions, which will help you start your days with clear mind and calm your senses before the concerts. You will be able to learn abou their activities from the volunteers and check how you could get involved and help out with their mission to protect the natural emvironment. You will be able to power your phone or take pictures thanks to eco-powered outlets. See for yourself how solar energy, harvested on site, can satisfy our daily needs without harming the environment. 




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