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Getting here

Last year saw some major changes to the Festival field - we have introduced 'green', car-free area. The decision had been made with the view of increasing the safety of our guests.


You can get to Kostrzyn nad Odrą, which hosts the festival, by: 

train || car || coach || plane



Travel Buddy Bank

The Travel Buddy Bank is an app, available on our website, connecting you with people travelling to Woodstock Festival Poland. You can look for travel buddies, offer rides and meet new people. We'll be launching the app soon! 



This service allows you to share rides - saving money and helping save the environment at the same time. You can offer a ride in your car, or look for transport. Just search for Kostrzyn nad Odrą as your destination on BlaBlaCar website. 




Last year Woodstock Trains stopped in 140 locations - from major towns to smaller cities. We will be informing about timetables and routes in due time. 





from Wrocław: road A4, E40 i B112 (from Germany)
from Warsaw: road E30 (A2),
from Kraków: E40, A4, E36 i B112 (from Germany)
from Poznań: E30 (A2)
from Gdańsk: route nr 22
Last year, due to security concerns, we have introduced 'green' campsites at the festival, considerably limiting the spaces, where cars could be parked. 
You can reach Kostrzyn nad Odrą by coach from Myślibórz, Słubice, Szczecin, Gorzów Wielkopolski, and Dębno. 
Nearest airports are: 
Zielona Góra / Babimost
Berlin Schönefeld or Tegel
Szczecin Goleniów
Poznań Ławica 


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