Safety and Medical FAQ

Take care of yourself and others!

Take care of yourself and others! We will be spending a couple of days together at Woodstock Festival Poland. We will do our best to keep you safe and – in case of emergency – provide you with medical care. Reading the information below may help you prevent some unpleasant surprises and – if they cannot be prevented – help you receive quick help.

Woodstock Festival Poland has various teams working to keep your safe:

 Peace Patrol – When in doubt - ask a Patroller! Although they may not have all necessary equipment to help you right away, they will surely assist you seek help or bring help to you.

Field Medical Aid Points – If you feel unwell, this is where you should go. They will check if you need further medical assistance. Report to them any worrying symptoms.

The Field Hospital– A full, competent hospital, located behind the Beer Village. Patients from all over the festival site are brought here by our medical quad bikes.



Be well - read our tips! 


  Keep hydrated, especially when it’s hot, protect your head with a cap or a cloth, and use a sunscreen with high SPF.
•  If you suffer from any chronic disease, don’t forget to bring your medicine with you and tell your friends all about it. If anything bad should happen to you, your friends will be able to able to share this important information with the rescuers.
•  Pack a basic first aid kit with adhesive bandages and a gel for burns.
•  Remember to take an identity card with you. Our rescuers will need it to provide you with medical services.
•  Take care of yourself and your friends, especially those who sleep long after the concerts. Make sure they’re alright. If your friends can’t come with you, try to make friends with your neighbours at the camp site. Take care of one another and keep an eye on one another’s belongings. Keep your most valuable possessions with you.
•  On no account let anyone stay in a tent on a hot day.
•  If you don’t know how to administer first aid, visit our first-aid tent to learn the basics. The tent is located just opposite to GOCC store.
When reporting an accident at a first aid station, remember to give a detailed description of the accident (what happened, how many people need help, where it happened, etc.). Our rescuers may ask you to guide them to the place of accident.
  Don’t stop quad bikes or ambulances when they’re on the move! If you see them driving around the Festival area, they are probably on their way to help. In fact, you can help them move even faster by asking other Woodstockians to get out of the way too. It's up yo you to keep Woodstock Festival Poland the safest mass event in Poland.
  •  Our motto is: 'Stop Drugs! Stop Violence'. Be tolerant and open to other Festival attendants. Be nice and help other people. Don’t be lenient towards drug dealers or aggressive instigators and report them to the Peace Patrol!
  • Follow the instructions of Blue Patrol, the Peace Patrol or the Medical Patrol. Remember that their task is to ensure your safety, even if this sometimes means limiting your freedom a bit.
  • Follow the announcements made from the Main Stage do exactly what you’re asked to do.
  • Stay safe when you’re away from the Festival area. While visiting Kostrzyn nad Odrą, please obey police officers and follow their instructions. Follow all safety rules on your way back home too.



Medical FAQ

1. I need help. Who should I talk to at Woodstock Festival Poland?
In case of an emergency, you can talk to any Peace Patroller who will quickly call appropriate rescue units from the closest first aid station. In our field hospital, you will get professional medical help.

2. My friend is unconscious. What to do?
Call for help immediately! You can ask someone to go to the nearest first aid station or alarm a nearby Peace Patroller. Remember to give detailed information about what happened and show the way. The better you describe the location of the accident, the easier it will be for rescuers to provide help.

3. Can I help someone?
You should help too! No requests for help are ever ignored. Remember, however, not to call rescue units if help is not needed. If our rescuers decide that there is no direct threat to your life, you may be asked to visit your GP after coming back home from the Festival.

4. Is it possible to get any medicine or dressings?

The field hospital is equipped with life-saving drugs. We don’t run a pharmacy and we’re not able to provide you with every possible drug you might need. If you suffer from any chronic disease and need to take certain drugs on a regular basis, regularly, don’t forget to take them with you. If you need to have your dressing changed, visit one of our first aid stations. If you do so between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM, you won’t have to wait long. In the afternoon and in the evening there are many Festival attendants that need immediate medical help, so you might have to wait.

5. Is there any pharmacy at the Festival site?
No. The nearest pharmacy is located in Kostrzyn nad Odrą. Some prescription free drugs such as painkillers as well as dressing materials are available in the shopping alley.

6. My friend is in the field hospital. Can I stay with them?
Unfortunately not. The field hospital is a place strictly for those who need medical help.

7. I can’t find my friend. Can you check if he or she is in your hospital?
Of course, we can check if his or her name is on our list, but you may have to wait a few minutes.

8. My friend has been transported to the hospital in Kostrzyn nad Odrą. Where is it? Can you take me there?
The hospital is located at Narutowicza Street 6. Unfortunately, you have to get there on your own.

9. Is it possible to get antibiotics or a prescription from your rescuers?
We don’t sell or dispense any medicines in our hospital and our rescuers cannot write a prescription. If you need medicine, ask your doctor when you’re back home from the Festival. However, if the situation is urgent, visit the hospital in Kostrzyn. If you have to take any drug on a regular basis, don’t forget to take it with you to the Festival.

10. I need to get injections. Can you help me at one of the first aid stations or do I have to go to Kostrzyn?
If you have both the medication and a recommendation from your doctor, our rescuers can give you injections.

11. Can you store my medicine?
We can keep your medicine safe - store it in fridge, for example. Put your personal information on it, including your first and last name, your phone number, the name of the medicine and the dose schedule.

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