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Get ready for festival

Woodstock Festival Poland is the biggest non-commercial music festival in Europe. It means there are no tickets for Woodstock Festival Poland. It is a free music festival Difficult to imagine how some open fields and meadows surrounding a small municipality located close to the border with Germany can become a musical metropolis? Take a virtual walk around the festival grounds with us. 
Let's start at the Main Stage... 


The route courtesy of Piotr Manik from


As the time of the festival grows near we thought it would be handy to start thinking about what to pack. Perhaps you could use the list we came up with. Don't overpack! Lugging unnecessary stuff around will only slow you down! Please don't take pets with you - the festival might a very dangerous place for animals! Remember that what you don't pack is as important as what you take - we ask you NOT to take glass containers, gas canisters, or anything or value that you can't keep safe at the campsite. Download our handy packing list below: 



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