History of Woodstock Festival Poland Preliminaries

Let's step into the time machine and travel way back in time to learn more about the times of yore...


The Preliminaries saga began in 2009, when thanks to the appearance in Preliminaries 6 bands got the chance to perfrom at the 15th Woodstock Festival Poland. As the festival grew, the Preliminaries aimed to showcase up-and-coming artists and give them a chance to perfrom at the largest festival in Europe.



The results are in! Photo: Ł. Widziszowski

Results are in! Photo:  Ł. Widziszowski


And it was just the beggining of our adventure... seven years later we received 700 demo CDs from the bands from all over the world. Some bands we fast-tracked to appear at the festival! The unforgettable Woodstock on Tour brought the crazy rock & roll atmosphere to the biggest venues in Poland. 


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