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AFA offers festival guests a multitude of activities - apart from meetings with the beloved and respected public figures, and theatre performances, and night concerts one of the missions of the Academy of The Finest Arts is to bring arts and different activities as close as possible to the audience. We believe in learning by interaction and we invite guests of the festival to participate in a variety of projects, prepared by different organizations. For your convenience - and because there is a multitude of things one can do, try, and learn at AFA - we decided to divide them into categories. 


Photo Workshops: Xpozycja Foundation 

Photo workshops with Fundacja Xpozycja will be available for all willing to participate. The foundation will also run a photo project 'Genesis' aimed at portraying the diverse Woodstock audience. 

Origami Workshops: Dorigami Foundation 

The participants of the workshops will be able to learn about the art of Origami and how to create works of art out of paper! Amazing way to exercise your creativity, and a great way to focus and relax among the bustle of festival reality. Workshops in English will be available from 3p till 4pm. 


Free guitar workshops became a tradition at Woodstock Festival Poland. Bring your own instrument, but no worries - the organizers will have 25 spare Burton guitars to lend the participants. All levels of proficiency are welcome! 


Greenpeace Village

They say it takes a village to raise a child...and it takes a Greenpeace village to educate about ecology, and promote green living. The massive undertaking on the AFA hill will incorporate multitude of activities. You will be able to find out about how Greenpeace works, learn about sustainability and protecting the environment, and take part in artistic and educational projects, or just chill and zone out in their green chill-out zone. From taking a photo in green-powered photo booth, to putting your artistic skills to the test at decorating the famed Greenpeace banners -  everything has been prepared with green on their minds! 

Police Village

The village, organised by the Prevention Department of Police Headquarters in Gorzów Wielkopolski, will divide its activities into 2 thematic blocs. Information sector will focus on teaching the guests about preventive measures to be taken against aggressive and pathological behaviour. The preventive sector will offer a variety of workshops focused on anger management techniques and workshops about human trafficking, which will be organised as a join effort with Dutch police force. On the 17th the guests leaving the festival will be able to have breathalyser tests ensuring a safe journey home. 

Himalayan Camp 

Himalayan Camp Village is devoted to all things connected with climbing. It is a true heaven for all mountain lovers and people interested in taking up mountaineering. The organizers offer classes on nordic walking, climbing courses, and specialist exercises. People interested in embarking on an expedition will be able to find out about how to prepare for the adventure ahead. 


Otwarte Klatki Association (Open Cages Association) 

The association (their message is best represented by their name - 'Open Cages') focuses their efforts on spreading awareness about humane treatment of animals - they work to promote cruelty-free lifestyle. Their stall will offer human-sized board-games, and will allow the guests to visualize the reality of hen farming.

Association for Medical Education

The Association will be running an educational stall focusing on addiction prevention, with a special focus on the dangers posed by designer drugs. The guests of the stall will be able to learn about AIDS/HIV prevention as well and take part in workshops focused on a variety of medical topics.

Drug Addiction Prevention Association

The Association will run a stall which will aim to inform about addiction prevention. The guests will be able to get tested, and to talk with a specialist about addiction, prevention, and their health.


Anyone interested in programming will be able to take part in Arduino programming, brazing, 3D modelling and printing, and participate in an open keysigning party.

The Art of Living Foundation

In the relaxation area the guests will be able to participate in joga, meditation, dance, and art workshops. The activities will be focused on relaxation and mindfulness techniques that would serve to teach the guests how to deal with stress and reach peace of mind.

Pottery workshops at AFA


'Stacja' Programme Association

The stall will offer guests education opportunities and information about reproductive health and safe sex. GHB test kits will be also available.

International Animal Welfare Movement Viva

The movement aims to educate about animal rights and fights for animal welfare. The foundation runs animal shelters and anti-fur and anti-cruelty campaigns. Guests of the stall will be able to find out more about the work the organization does and how they can help to improve the lives of animals.

MONAR Association

MONAR will run Profi Camp focused on spreading the idea of healthy, clean and drug-free living. The guests will be able to participate in drum and hip-hop dance workshops and learn about the dangers of substance abuse.

'Buy Responsibly' Foundation

The foundation invites the guests to pay more attention to the the way they purchase food, clothes and electronic goods. The activities on their stall will be focused on the influence that production has on natural environment. 

Diabeciaki Foundation (Diabetes Foundation) 

The foundation will offer a safe and friendly space for all festival goers suffering with diabetes. In their one-of-a-kind, soft, blow-up tent you will find clean area to measure your sugar and inject insulin in peaceful environment. Apart from an opportunity to learn about ins and outs of the disease, you will be able to safely store your insulin and safely dispose of used needles. You will be able to receive spare insulin pens and other necessary pieces of equipment. 

Photo session at AFA

The Zeitgeist Movement Stall 

People visiting the stall will be able to travel into the future - a future where humanity has conquered hunger, poverty, and war - and learn how they can contribute to the positive changes. If you are interested in architecture and design, you will be able to check out futuristic cityscapes and learn more about cutting edge technologies. 

Amnesty International

At the Amnesty International stall you will be able to take a stand: you will be able to sign petitions, and learn more about the mission of the organization. We invite you to join Amnesty International in their Paper Boats project - come to create paper boats and decorate them with well-wishes to those crossing the perilous Mediterranean Sea. 

Fundacja Wolna Syria (Free Syria Foundation); Refugees Szczecin; Dom Otwarty (Open House) 

The hosts of this stall will aim to educate about the problems of refugees and focus on the simple, human aspect of the current crisis. You will be able to participate in art workshops: learn how to decorate tiles in a traditional arabic technique and learn how to dance a traditional Syrian dance. 

Habitat Humanity Poland

Habitat focuses their work on solving housing problems across the globe, and the organizers invite you to ponder what difficulties people might face. You will be able to learn more about their mission to improve the housing problems of people in developing countries and take part in DIY workshops: you will learn how to recycle items you don't need and create decorative items. 

Stowarzyszenie Chorych na Boreliozę (Lyme Society Poland) 

The members of the Society aim to inform festival-goers about the dangers posed by ticks and inform about lyme disease. They will focus on prevention and information about treatment options available. 

House with no Hate

Polska Akcja Humanitarna (Polish Humanitarian Action) 

PAH provides humanitarian aid where it is most needed. PAH stall will illustrate the consequences of water crisis and the reality of life in the Global South. The founder of PAH, Janina Ochojska, who will be a guest of AFA this year, will also be present at the stall. 

Stowarzyszenie Familia (Familia Association) 

The Association has 25 years of experience in rehabilitation of addictions and helping people who suffer with substance abuse. An experienced addiction therapist will be working at the stall, and everyone will be able to seek advice there. 

Ogólnopolska Fundacja (Nationwide Foundation: 

The foundation focuses on animal well-fare and runs a shelter for abandoned pets. You will be able to participate in a variety of workshops and learn where it is best to pet your pet and how to administer first aid to animals. 

Turniej Piłkarski 'Wykopmy Rasizm ze Stadionów" ('Kick Racism out of Stadiums' Football Tournament) 

Association Never Again aims to combat racism we unfortunately still encounter at football games today. We invite you to take part in our tournament - where 12 football teams compete in friendly matches. You can submit your team personally at our stall on 13.07 between 7pm and 8pm. 

Dom Bez Hejtu (House with no Hate) 

House with no Hate consists of two large tents where 14 non-governmental organizations will present their stalls and talk about the work they do. The visitors will also learn how to deal with hate and hate speech as well as how to combat discrimination. 

All about the art at AFA

Wioska Słowiańska (Slavonic Village) 

The activities will transport visitors to the world of ancient Slavonic tribes. You will be able to learn about Slavonic deities, culture, traditions and rituals, listen to songs and folk-tales and participate in pottery workshops. 

Strefa Młodzieży Uniwersytetu SWPS (Youth Zone SWPS University) 

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