Woodstock is back in Prague

2017-04-09 16:45:31

What band does not dream about performing for the massive crowds at Woodstock Festival Poland? This time we are at Lucerna Music Bar in the very heart of the Golden City and we are listening to the musicians who would like to make their dreams come true. The jurors are: 

  • Jurek Owsiak (mastermind behind Woodstock Festival Poland)
  • Andrzej Puczyński (chairman of ZPAV, Izabelin Studio),
  • Tomasz Kasprzyk "Kasprol" (music journalist, musician)
  • Piotr Chancewicz "Dziki" (music producer, musician),
  • Krzysztof Dobies "Milkee" (press officer for Woodstock Festival Poland) 


If you are interested in what goes on in Prague, and can't join us at this free rock event, we have all sorts of transmission channels ready for you! Check us out on our social media channels and tune in to catch live radio coverage of the concert here

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