Join Us at Woodstock Festival Poland Next Year!

2016-07-21 11:51:02

The emotions connected with the fact that I am now able to say - let's meet at Woodstock Festival Poland in a year's time are almost impossible to convey in words. Next year the festival will take place, traditionally, in the first days of August - we will meet again on August the third and bid farewell to the Most Beautiful Festival in the World on August the fifth. Inscribe these dates in the fabric of your hearts! I know that some of you say that this year's festival was the most amazing - let's remember the things that made it special and re-create it in 2017! 

You can keep track of time flying by here – Meanwhile, live at peace with the world, pass your  positive energy to those around you, and collect beautiful moments to share with everyone at the festival field next year. 

(Jurek Owsiak)


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