The Golden Spinning Top - 36th Listing

2016-07-03 19:10:47

Here comes the last listing! Are there any changes in the ranking? Remember that the public voted for 4 bands (from Poland and from abroad) that they would like to award the trophy for the last year's performance. The winners will be invited to play at Woodstock Festival Poland this year! 

The Golden Spinning Top Awards, photo GOCC archive

Listing 36 is here! 

We will find out who won on June the 4th, at the final concert of Preliminaries for Woodstock Festival Poland in Poznań. The polls will be closed today, June the 3rd at 10 pm. If you haven't cast your vote, now is the time to support your fave! The competition is tough at this point! 

Use an app created by Fanpoint to support your favourite! All you need to have is a Facebook account to be able to cast a vote.

. We will invite the winners to this year’s Woodstock Festival Poland – and if they accept our offer – you will get to see them perform live at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World!


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