The Golden Spinning Top - listing 27

2017-05-16 08:44:51

The stakes of this musical competitions run high - for the audience at Woodstock Festival Poland it means that their favourite band, whose performance they liked best at last year's edition of the festival will be invited to join Woodstock Poland line-up again! And for the band, it's  a great chance to reprise their performance - this time at the best time-slot at the massive Main Stage of the festival. Who do you think will make it out of this round? Read to find out and don't forget to cast your vote! 




Listing 27 - Monday, 15.05.2017 


Main Stage - Polish bands

 Place Band Votes
1 Hey 4744
2 Luxtorpeda  3411
3 Cochise 329
4 Marcelina 291
5 Omni Modo 199
6 Aarch A 84


Main Stage - international bands

 Place Band Votes
1 Bring Me The Horizon 2464
2 The Rumjacks  2062
3 Apocalyptica 909
4 Vintage Trouble 511
5 Dragonforce 438
6 Inner Circle 436


Second Stage - Polish bands

 Place Band Votes
1 Materia 6400
2 Romantycy Lekkich Obyczajów 5882
3 Oberschlesien 1877
4 Corruption 1327
5 Łona, Webber & The Pimps  781
6 CETI 712


Second Stage - international bands

 Place Band Votes
1 Nine Treasures  1542
2 Che Sudaka 853
3 Denoi 646
4 Rocky Dawuni 418
5 Mike Love 327
6 Daybreak Embrace 191



There is no time to lose - the second round of our game is nearing its end. We will be announcing the winners - and unfortunately eliminating some of the bands which got the least amount of votes on May the 22nd. 

You can vote via a Facebook app, which is powered by Fanpoint. It's as easy as logging into your account and selecting your favourite! Anyone can cast only one vote in one round of votes, so you should make your decision carefully. You can vote again after the end of each round. So, if you haven's cast your vote yet, now is the best time to support the band of your choice. If you have already voted, however, you will have to wait for the end of this round. 
Let the best band win! 
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