The Golden Spinning Top - listing 24

2017-04-18 11:59:56

Woodstock Festival Poland gives the audience an opportunity to show their appreciation to the bands which you saw perform at the Main and Second Stages of the festival. It is the audience - you - who can vote in our competition and show which performance of last year's event was your favourite. It seems that this year the toughest competition is taking place in the Second Stage ranking... Remember that the winners will be invited to perform at Woodstock Festival Poland again, and you might be able to see a reprise of your favourite concert! 



You can vote via a Facebook app, which is powered by Fanpoint. It's as easy as logging into your account and selecting your favourite! Anyone can cast only one vote in one round of votes, so you should make your decision carefully. You can vote again after the end of each round. So, if you haven's cast your vote yet, now is the best time to support the band of your choice. If you have already voted, however, you will have to wait for the end of this round, which falls on the last days of May. 


Listing 24 - Monday, 17.04.2017 


Main Stage - Polish bands

Place Bands Votes
1 Hey 4390
2 Luxtorpeda  3191
3 Cochise 298
4 Marcelina 276
5 Omni Modo 188
6 Aarch A 80


Main Stage -  international bands

Place Band Zmiana
1 Bring Me The Horizon 0
2 The Rumjacks  0
3 Apocalyptica 0
4 Vintage Trouble 0
5 Inner Circle 1
6 Dragonforce -1


Second Stage - Polish bands

 Place Band Votes
1 Materia 5693
2 Romantycy Lekkich Obyczajów 5278
3 Corruption 1122
4 Oberschlesien 1017
5 Łona, Webber & The Pimps  722
6 CETI 701


Second Stage - international bands 

 Place Band Votes
1 Nine Treasures  1442
2 Che Sudaka 816
3 Denoi 618
4 Rocky Dawuni 382
5 Mike Love 316
6 Daybreak Embrace 184


After each round - and there are two more rounds to go before we announce the winners - the competitors with the lowest scores will be excluded from the competition. It means that you should make up your mind and support your favourite band before it is too late! This stage of the competition ends in May. The winners will be announced in the second half of June



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