The Golden Spinning Top - Listing 19

2017-03-06 17:04:08

The Golden Spinning Top is a contest where the audience gets to decide whom to show their appreciation. With four statuettes to award, the festival audience decides which performance they liked best. The winners (2 performances from the Main Stage and 2 performances from the Second Stage) will be invited to perform at Woodstock Festival Poland again. This time, we bid farewell to bands which received the least amount of votes, and now you can vote for the 6 remaining contestants. 






Listing 19  - Monday, 06.03.2017 


Main Stage  - Polish Bands

 Place Band Votes
1 Hey 3081
2 Luxtorpeda  2369
3 Cochise 220
4 Marcelina 207
5 Omni Modo 148
6 Aarch A 65


Main Stage - International Bands 

 Place Band Votes
1 Bring Me The Horizon 1595
2 The Rumjacks  1155
3 Apocalyptica 567
4 Vintage Trouble 367
5 Dragonforce 298
6 Inner Circle 266


Second Stage - Polish Bands 

 Place Band Votes
1 Materia 3476
2 Romantycy Lekkich Obyczajów 3000
3 Corruption 791
4 Oberschlesien 660
5 CETI 610
6 Łona, Webber & The Pimps 499


Second Stage - International Bands 

1 Nine Treasures  846
2 Che Sudaka 598
3 Denoi 480
4 Rocky Dawuni 289
5 Mike Love 231
6 Daybreak Embrace 139


If you have voted in the first stage of the competition, now you can do it again to support your favourite! So hands on keyboards...


You can vote via Facebook app, which is powered by Fanpoint. It's as easy as logging into your account and selecting your favourite! Anyone can cast only one vote in one round of votes, so you should make your decision carefully. You can vote again after the end of each round. 
1. First round ends at the break of February and March
2. Second round ends  at the end of May
3. The final round will take place in June


After each round the bands with the least amount of votes will drop out from the competition, so you should hurry to cast your vote and show your support to your favourite band. 


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