Put on your planning hat on!

2016-07-10 01:00:23

If you were to plan your activities at Woodstock Festival Poland using pen and paper you would need an entire sheaf of paper and a lifetime supply of pens... a mobile app to the rescue! With the help of Cocolab we have rolled out a mobile Woodstock Festival Poland app. You can get it on Android and iOS and get your planning started ahead of the festival! With handy maps, tips, and advice you will feel like you are in the company of the seasoned festival goer guiding you through the hustle and bustle of the festival field. 

You can learn more about the idea behind the festiva, learn where to seek medical help, check the upcoming shows and create your own shcedule,l and find out what catreing and shopping options there are on offer at Woodstock Poland. Explore the festival before hitting the mosh pit! 





Woodstock App

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