Flight Ban Over Woodstock Festival Poland

2016-07-11 13:04:42

We would like to remind you that the sky over the festival is a no-flight zone. The ban applies to drones, paragliders, and motor gliders, as well as ny other flying or propelled constructions and devices.

We treat safety of the guests of the festival very seriously,  and that's why we do introduced a ban on all flying objects moving above the festival field. The police forces, who safeguard the safety of the event, have oficially reserved the air space above the festival for the duration of the event.


The flight ban applies within the following boundaries:


Horizontal boundaries:

1.   52°39’21’’N     014°30’12’’E
2.   52°43’00’’N     014°42’07’’E
3.   52°35’20’’N     014°53’33’’E
4.   52°30’00’’N     014°38’19’’E
5.   52°35’24’’N     014°38’30’’E
1.   52°39’21’’N     014°30’12’’E


Vertical boundaries:

top boundary: 3300 ft AMSL

bottom boundary: GND


The following flights will be extempt from the flight ban:

emergency and rescue flights

armed forces flights

national flights

police flights

State Forest flights





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