From Prague to Woodstock Poland

2017-04-18 09:37:45

Taking our Preliminaries abroad for the second time and returning to Prague we went on a search to find new, up-and-coming bands from Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. The winners of our unique music competition will be taking one of Woodstock Festival Poland stages in August 2017 and will perform in front of the massive audience. This year, Preliminaries Live concert boasted two awesome headliners: The Snuff and The Unguided.




Pojekt Parabelum

The band from the Czech Republic literally conquered the stage. There was pure, almost animalistic energy to their performance. When the power of passion comes together with some heavy tunes the audience - and jurors - were spell-bound. The electro-metal band will be taking the Main Stage at Woodstock Festival Poland in August 2017!




The Slovakian band mixes alternative sensitivity with gob-smacking riffs and drums. What begins like an indie anthem soon is transformed into a powerful metal song. The band's energy on stage was infectious - there even was a small mosh pit in the club. The jury was certain that FishFace would be a perfect fit for the Second Stage of Woodstock 2017!



Idio & Idio

Czech punk-rock might have just given us a star in the making! The female-fronted band was something of a surprise. No-one expected to hear so much powerful vocal from the petite vocalist clad in a floral dress. But the band delivered some great songs. The jurors made sure to invite the band to Woodstock - they will be showcased at the Lech Music Zone in 2017!




We sampled some of pure rock'n'roll energy curtsy of this Czech band. Infections energy, some very catchy tunes paired with frontman's very interesting voice were a recipe for success and this young band will be taking the Second Stage at Woodstock Festival Poland this summer!



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