Ticket To The Main Stage

2016-07-25 10:32:59

Some bands and Woodstock just click, like they are made for each-other. We like to discover new sounds and promote new music - star-power can be gained with hard work and talent, and what better place to embark on a sucessful career than Woodstock Festival Poland? That's why we always encourage musicians to send us their demo CDs and take part in Woodstock Festival Poland Preliminaries. Based on the recorded material the jurors decide whom to invite to perform a short live show during the semi-final phase of the competition. That's when they can judge if the band has what it takes to perform at one of the stages of the festival. Omni mOdO is one of the bands performing at Woodstock after taking a wild ride at Woodstock Festival Poland Preliminaries. 

Hailing from Poznań, the incredibly energetic performers have said that the ability to perform at Woodstock is a dream come true & their fast-paced and upbeat indie rock sounds seemed to be an instant hit with the festival crowd. We hope to see more of the band in the future! 







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The Second Stage - Hear It Again!

Sweet memories... we invite you to listen to the bands, which performed at the Second Stage at Woodstock Festival Poland 2016. Re-live the brilliant performances and hopefully the music will get you into the right mood before the weekend!

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The Police Report on Prevention at Woodstock Festival Poland

The festival's organizers are working close with the police forces, who are responsible for securing the event as well as making sure that everyone in the region gets to the festival and back home safely. Police Officers always emphasise how well the festival is managed and run, and we are grateful for the support we receive from the police each year.

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Eco Zone at Lech Village

One man's trash is another man's ... recycling! Eco Zone run within Lech Village reports that they have managed to collect almost 3 tonnes of recyclable materials, what actually amounts to a sum of 6 000 PLN.

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